Description of Good Assessment Practice

Title: Mrs
Name: Elenita Santos Ordovez
Academic Position: Others
Name of Institution: Department of Education
Country: Philippines
Discipline: Education
Department/School: University of Caloocan City
Course title: Foundation of Education
Course code: Ed. 205
Class size: 21-40
Course Year: Others
Assessment Title: Use of Graphic Organizers as Assessment Tools in Education
Assessment Type: Formative
Time allowed for assessment: fifteen minutes
Target: Assessment of experiential learning
Learning outcomes of the assessment practice:

Learning Outcome 1:Teacher students were able to grasped the knowledge.

Learning Outcome 2:Its very easy to recall concepts,theories,ideas and principles in teaching

Learning Outcome 3:Journal writing can also be incorporated.

Learning Outcome 4:It can also be used as a  form of reflection of what had transpired in the class.

Key features and principles of the assessment practice:

The three laws of Learning by Edward Thorndike are exemplified by using this :

Law of Readiness

Law of Exercise 

Law of Effect

What are the best things about this assessment method?

Practical and can be incorporated in using technology.

Paper and pencil are used.Very easy to check.

Grammar and spelling are checked right away.

What are the challenges in implementing this assessment method?

The teacher is really required to read and reflect on the answers and works of the students.

Students' perception on the use of this assessment tool.

What do your students think about this assessment method? (Any evaluation?)

very conventional yet still recommendable

Plans for changes/developments in future (if any):

to apply using Android cellphone and could be send using internet to essen paper checking and correcting.

Creation date: 2016-08-30 12:44:16