Description of Good Assessment Practice

Title: Dr.
Name: Nam Kiu Tsing
Academic Position: Professorial staff
Name of Institution: The University of Hong Kong
Discipline: Science
Course title: Mathematics
Course code:
Class size: 1-20
Course Year: All Years
Assessment Title: One-on-One Oral Mathematics Test
Assessment Type: Formative
Time allowed for assessment: < 1 Hour
Learning outcomes of the assessment practice: In very rare occasions and special circumstances (such as medical reasons), some students may miss the class mathematics test. In order to give them a second chance to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject, and to find out if they have fulfilled the course learning outcomes. The teacher performs a one-to-one oral test with the individual. The teacher spends approximately 40 minutes asking the student to work on some problems that are previously picked. And depending on their performance, the teacher may ask easier or more difficult questions. If the student encounters difficulties, the teacher may provide some hints to assist, (this is because the teacher is aware that sometimes a one-on-one interaction with the student may causes nervousness). With this interactive assessment process, the teacher can gauge more thoroughly the strengths and weaknesses of the students. At the end of the oral test, the teacher provides immediate grade and feedback, giving full explanation as to why such grade is deserved.

The con of this oral test is that it is very time-consuming if there are a number of these students. Also it may be subjective unless very explicit marking rubric is available.
Key features and principles of the assessment practice:
What are the best things about this assessment method?
What are the challenges in implementing this assessment method?
What do your students think about this assessment method? (Any evaluation?)
Plans for changes/developments in future (if any):
Creation date: 2010-02-08 11:20:44