Types of Assessment Methods

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are a form of assessment for which students are asked to select one or more of the choices from a list of answers.


An Essay is an assessment question that requires an answer in a sentence, paragraph, or short composition. Essay assessments are usually classified as subjective assessments as there are normally a variety of responses.


A gobbet can be for example a passage of literature, an image, a cartoon, a photograph, a map or an artefact provided as a context for analysis, translation or discussion in an assessment.

Objective Structured Clinical Exam


Direct Observation

Direct Observation assessment is exactly as the name suggested – the assessors observe the students performing the assessment and see if they have ability to perform it properly.....

Concept Maps

A concept map is a hierarchical form of structure diagram that illustrates conceptual knowledge and their relationships within a specific topic from general to specific concepts....


An oral assessment is a direct means of assessing students’ learning outcomes by questioning them. Unlike interviews which usually have a structured question list, oral assessment does not usually have a structured list of questions....


A portfolio is a collection of student’s work which gives evidence to show how the student can meet the specified learning outcomes. A typical portfolio consists of work selected by the student, reasons for selecting these works and self-reflection on....


Poster is the process of showing the content and the findings of a topic to an audience or a group of audiences at different times. It is often used to assess student learning from group research projects....


Presentation is the process of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or a group of audiences. It is often used to assess student learning from individual or group research projects....

Problem based learning

Problem based learning is one of those pedagogic phenomenon that is both a learning activity and an assessment. Problem based learning is a student centred learning strategy in which learners confront contextualised, ill-structured problems similar to real world situations....

Reflective Journals


Short-answer questions

Short-answer questions are open-ended questions that require students to create an answer. They are commonly used in examinations to assess the basic knowledge and understanding (low cognitive levels) of a topic before more in-depth assessment questions are asked on the topic....

Simulated Interviews


Sample 1