Community service

Please cite as follows: Chan, CKY (2019). "Community Service", Assessment Resources@HKU.

Experiential community service-learning projects promote both intellectual and civic engagement by relating academic learning to solving real-world problems and needs. Experiential community service-learning projects can be held in partnership with external organisations, initiated by external organizations, or even initiated by students themselves. Community services can be interdisciplinary, bring students from different disciplines to work together for the public good. The E3R website introduces the educational theories, assessment, guideline etc about community service. For more details, please visit

Community service cases
Integrating disciplines and community service at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Developing Solutions for Community Projects at La Trobe University
Rebuilding a Sichuan Community with Knowledge and Skills at the University of Hong Kong
Experiencing Social Issues through Community Internships at the University of Hong Kong
Integrating Academic Knowledge in Community Service at Lingnan University
Learning about Governance from Community Needs at the University of the Free State