More Assessment Methods
Education Assessment in Higher Education is an on-going evaluation documenting process aimed at understanding and improving student learning by measuring the learning outcomes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs.

The Aims of Assessment
  • Guide student approaches to study and provide students with feedback on their progress – the developmental “formative” process. Provide students the opportunity to demonstrate whether or not they have achieved the Intended Learning Outcomes and at what level have they achieved.
  • Provide teachers the evidence to make a judgement on what level a student has performed against the Intended Learning Outcomes in order to proceed to the next level of study – the judgmental “summative” process. This also protects academic standards.
  • Provide feedback for students so as to monitor the student’s learning difficulties.
  • Provide feedback for teachers to diagnose students’ prior skills and abilities and adjust the curriculum or provide additional assistance accordingly. information on our website suitable for your needs.