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Welcome to the Assessment Resources at HKU. This is the home for conceptual and practical information relating to the development, innovation and research for assessment in higher education. Based on the results of institutional surveys conducted in universities around the world, assessment and feedback continue to be identified as the major challenges in teaching and learning. Despite various ongoing initiatives to improve on assessment and feedback in higher education, it would inevitably takes time to ignite changes in pedagogical practices. It is hoped that AR@HKU can act as a resource platform to facilitate, accelerate and promote a global move towards good practices in assessment and feedback. In this website you will be able to exchange ideas and find various strategies and descriptive details for assessing your students whether they are in groups, individuals, large class settings or through online assessment. You will also find ways for evaluating your teaching and tips for students on how to ace certain assessments.

Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, a student or a researcher, you will find interesting information here on assessment.You can also share your expertise and contribute to our resources by inputting your good assessment practice here.

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