Description of Good Assessment Practice

Assessment TitleAuthor
Use of Graphic Organizers as Assessment Tools in Education    Elenita Santos Ordovez   
Assessment of generic skills in residential education - a journey towards good practice.    Michelle WT Cheng/Cecilia K Y Chan   
Preparatory Task & Reflective Journal for Problem Based Learning   Tammy Kwan   
Assessment & Feedback using "Assessment Forms" for Group Projects   Rebecca Chiu   
An Online Learning Platform 'Jijijaja'   K.C. Tsang   
Interprofessional Online Learning for Dementia (IPOLD)   Angela Leung   
Peer Assessment of a Research Project   Helen Boulten   
In-class Assessment by a Classroom Response System, 'Clickers'   Anson Wong & Jacqueline Wang   
Use of a Learning Contract for Self-assessment   Mable Chan   
In-class Problem Solving   Michael Wong   
Raising Questions as a form of In-class Assessment   N.S Wong   
'X-PULT' Project & In-class Participation Facilitated by a 'Name Card'   Hsiao-Hui Lee   
Assessment in a History Course Featuring a Virtual Museum   Loretta Kim   
Interim Presentation and Bi-weekly Discussion for Assessment and Feedback   Michael Chau   
Exit Slip   Kennedy Chan   
Assessment of Oral Presentations and Written Reports of Student Projects   Almaz Chak   
Use of Role Play for Assessment and Feedback in a Counselling Course   Annis Fung   
Assessing Law Students' Summary Judgment Application   Jack Burke   
Peer assessment versus instructor assessment in a common core course   Gavin Porter   
Reflective Media Diary   Rick Glofcheski   
Real-time feedback   Rick Glofcheski   
Group YouTube Presentation   Michael Adorjan   
Writing Assignments, Peer Review and Critical Thinking   David Skidmore   
Electronic Portfolio Assessment   Prof. Stephen Andrews/Jane Mok   
Multiple assessment of social work fieldwork practice    Julia Lam   
Group Participative Critical Analysis   Paula Hodgson   
Wilson’s Three Things   Wilson W.S. Lu   
Assessment by Mobile Quiz Platform   Wilton W.T. Fok/ Vincent Tam   
One-on-One Oral Mathematics Test   Nam Kiu Tsing   
Scenario-based experiential learning with the advanced human patient simulators (HPS)   Vico C L CHIANG   
Book Review in English Literature and Culture   Julia Kuehn